About Us


This is a story all about how...

Back in 2014 we started Tin Pony. A bunch of cycle loving family and friends with a very particular set of skills. We aim to design and make things that people will love on and off the bike. 

When you get out on your bike, your trusty steed transports you to another world, connected to the elements. There's a place in-between here and there, the ride, where the world seems to put on a show for you as you feel the wind, sun or rain and your legs burn as you face the challenge of another hill, coast down the other side or cruise towards your destination not really wanting it all to end.

There was a time when the tour meant the sound of cowbells, celebrating the end of a stage with a beer and a random gift of a pig to the winner. At Tin Pony we keep the spirit alive forget the gels, refuel with a bacon sandwich and a frothy coffee or an ice cold beer. We Remember pretending to have an alien on our bmx's, climbing on a mates stunt pegs, picking up our first mtb and setting out on muddy adventures and the feeling of how fast and flimsy our first road bike seemed as we set off with mates like a bunch of goonies. Cycling should be fun and the clothes we wear should be too.